A room with a view – God’s on line two!

I am lucky enough to live in an old building, so old in fact it’s called ‘Old Building’. I believe it dates from 1822. The rooms are bijou with high ceilings, my west-facing window catches a lot of sun in the early evening. I tend to get some great sunset photos by simply rising from my desk and pointing the camera out of the window. Click, snap, it’s all done in a flash! On a decent day, and the weather has been uncharacteristically decent this year, this is what I see….


Red sky at night, shepherds delight. The next day was glorious.

 From inside the window, the sun catches the eye…


window sunset
Earlier in the year, the sun sets further south

I like the moodiness of this next shot. Dark, angry clouds and a golden undercurrent…


The cloudier the day, the more dramatic the contrast


Many crows live in these trees. They’re a good bunch but they make a lot of noise at dusk!


A warm spring evening, the crow flies home


When I was young, my Dad told me that sun beams were God making a telephone call. I didn’t believe him.


Rays stream through as the sun hides behind the clouds, Gods online.


I love looking at the sky, it’s always different, every evening. The sun is constantly shifting its position in the sky, the clouds are always randomly arranged, the air quality is clear one day, hazy the next. The great poet Gerard Manly Hopkins enjoyed viewing the sky so much, that he would stop himself from looking at it during lent. Imagine depriving yourself of that. Or worse still, taking it for granted. 

I touched up these photos in Photoshop (CS3) using the techniques I covered here, to see some more of my sunset photography please take a look at that post!

About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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