A Life in Colour

Over the past six months I have been working on a documentary film which will be submitted as my dissertation by practice. The film is entitled Don Brett: A Life in Colour. It looks at my friend Don, who is an artist. He paints, sketches, carves and also plays music.

Don Brett 2012

Don Brett at his home in Mid-Wales 2012


Having been close friends with Don for nearly ten years, he has influenced me greatly in terms of artistic development. When choosing a subject for my dissertation, I could think of no better person than Don, whose colourful life is always packed with humour, stories, creativity, adventure and above all, art.

Shooting began in June of 2012 and continued throughout the year. Each visit with Don has been unique and I have attempted to capture different elements of his life each time. In Mid-Summer when the light was good, I got the opportunity to film him as he painted a improvised piece, especially for the film…

Don painting water colours

Don Brett painting an improvised composition at his home, Summer 2012

On another visit we were also blessed with good weather and we used the opportunity to catalogue Don’s body of work. Handling over twenty large canvasses. We hung each painting on the wall of the barn in order to film and photograph them. This also provided the opportunity for Don to talk about selected pieces and give further insight in to his working methods, as well as creating natural moments of levity in which he could reminisce and tell stories relating to particular paintings.

Don Brett: A Life in Colour

Cleaning the dust off…

Don and friends

Myself and Don with his daughter Eirys and her friend Kyle during filming, summer 2012

I have plans to shoot a little more footage in the coming weeks and I am currently editing together stuff I’ve shot so far. I’ve already created two trailers for the film which you can view in earlier posts or on my You Tube channel here. I used the blues legend Robert Johnson’s songs in each video, as I intend to record a blues slide guitar soundtrack for the final cut. It’s been a good way to see if and how something works or not, when edited together. There follows a third and final trailer which is more of a montage video, again using the great Robert Johnson and is designed to test some of the shots I have already captured. Let me know what you think! The film will be released in June 2013.

About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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2 Responses to A Life in Colour

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  2. joe says:

    Nice piece for Don and lovely to come across this and remember him full of life and vibrance.
    All the best
    joe nomad

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