Doctor Who 08×11/12 – Metal Gear Solid

Thoughts on the final two episodes of the latest season of #DoctorWho

*WARNING – contains spoilers*

A thrilling two-part bonanza of spectacle and emotional bondage came to an epic close this week. So concludes the first season of Peter Capaldi’s interpretation of the Doctor – the ultimate starring role in television.


Part One – ‘Dark Water’ – began with a shock, as Danny Pink was knocked over by a car and killed whilst talking on the phone to Clara. Ironically, it is only in death that Danny’s character becomes crucial to the enveloping plot. Clara threatens to destroy the TARDIS keys in a volcano if the Doctor doesn’t help her save Danny. Despite being an illusion, this revealed a darker side to her character and showed how far she is willing to go; not only for Danny, but also how ruthless she can be, much like the Doctor himself of late.


Danny meanwhile is being held in the afterlife or ‘the Nethersphere’…

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