Perygl Reviews: Nebraska

Great review for a great film!


I’d been looking forward to Nebraska and not because of all the critical applause and award nominations it has garnered. No, the reason I wanted to see Nebraska was simple; I really enjoy watching Bruce Dern. A charismatic, versatile performer with a distinctly manic look, a thick yet narrow face with a toothy grin that is somewhat reminiscent of a horse. This is complimented by his wild hair and eyes that switch between serious and crazy. Whether he’s a cop, cowboy, biker or even an acid guru, Dern is always an enjoyable presence who has provided dependable support to a range of bigger stars across a career that has spanned six decades. It is always nice to see when an actor of Dern’s calibre and experience gets a rare leading role, especially at the grand old age of seventy seven.

In Nebraska, Dern teams up with director Alexander Payne, one of the more critically acclaimed comedy directors of his…

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