Doctor Who’s 50th Birthday

Dave Roberts talks about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who for #PeryglPro

Over 10 million people tuned into Doctor Who last night in an evening celebrating perhaps the greatest pinnacle of British television and a true cultural phenomenon. In a feature length episode on BBC One 50 years of this sci-fi bonanza were displayed in an episode demonstrating the history and mythology of this timeless TV show and dragging the series into a new direction for the future.

With hesitation I tuned into the episode last night, hoping not to be disappointed with all the hype leading into the event. I needn’t of worried, Steven Moffat wrote the prefect episode for ultimate fans and casual viewers alike that celebrated the past and planned the future of the show without turning the celebration into an blend of old men running around embarrassing their legacy.


The episode kicked off with the original 1963 Hartnell titles and a scene that passed the scrapyard shown 50…

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