From Tron to Legacy: The History of Computer Generated Imagery in Cinema

Check out pNut’s post about the history of CGI in cinema via Perygl Productions!

Over the last thirty five years we, as a cinema audience, have been party to a transformation in the way stories are told on the silver screen, and the tools that have been used to tell them. Today as an audience it has become almost expected that every summer there will be a slew of films with massive computer generated imagery (CGI) and although we can still be impressed and excited by it, it is definitely now commonplace. In 2010 Tron Legacy by Joseph Kosinski, was released featuring at the time some of the most advanced CGI of that year. Twenty eight years previously Tron by Steven Lisberger, the predecessor of Tron Legacy, was released which opened up possibilities for the movie entertainment industry’s future that couldn’t have been predicted. CGI effects were at the start considered dishonest in movie effect standards, now it is one of the most…

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