Alien: A Retrospective Film Review

In space, no one can hear you ‘Sha-na-na’…

In space no one can hear you scream goes the tagline of one of the most important films, in not only the horror genre, but science fiction film history. In the seventies, the decade of the original ‘Star Wars’ film, ‘Alien’ was the culmination of a merging of both horror and science fiction to sublime effect. ‘Alien’ was in many respects the ultimate video nasty – that VHS your father would warn you never to touch due to the evil within that would stamp itself on your young mind.

At first look things didn’t bode well for little known British film director Ridley Scott, whose only experience with film was a small Napoleonic historical feature ‘The Duellists’. He bought a script by Dan O’Bannon bizarrely titled ‘Star Beast’ and hired a Swiss surrealist painter called H.R. Giger as a creature designer. All this spelled a low budget B-movie affair as opposed…

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