The Crow: A Retrospective Film Review

#HalloweenWeek retro review by yours truly for #PeryglPro! Happy #Halloween!


The Crow is a 1994 action-thriller starring the late Brandon Lee and directed by Austrailian Alex Proyas. Released a few years after Tim Burton’s two Batman films, it borrowed heavily from the Burton style of production design, which gives the film a very gothic and noire inspired look. The tagline on the original posters stated ‘Darker Than the Bat’ as a direct reference to the Batman franchise and hinting at the fact that this film is much more violent and grittier than Burton’s Caped Crusader films.

Not technically a horror film, more of an action movie with horror and fantasy influences, The Crow is based on a comic book of the same name written by James O’Barr and released in 1989. The story takes place on Devil’s Night (October 30th) the eve of Halloween. A night when the cities low-life gangs traditionally go out and raise hell by burning buildings, committing heinous crimes and…

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