Night of the Living Dead: A Retropsective Film Review

~halloweenWeek retro review from pNut for #PeryglPro! Happy #Halloween!

Theyre coming to get you Barbara…”

Cover Dead

Night of the Living Dead is George A Romero’s 1968 Horror classic, which defined what we quintessentially know of as the ‘Zombie Genre’. Originally titled ‘Night of the Flesh Eaters’ (only to be re-named just before its release), this landmark film had a profound effect on the Horror genre. ‘Night’ would go on to spawn five sequels, a remake, and a revision. Since the 1980’s several attempts to colourise the black and white classic have been made, including a recent full 2D to 3D conversion (the first of its kind). There have been countless imitations, spin offs and parodies that makes this firmly grounded in our recent modern pop culture. Not bad for a little film that cost a moderate $114,000 to make, by a small company from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.

One summer evening in Pennsylvania a couple: Barbra (Judith O’Dea) and…

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