Halloween: A Retrospective Review

Richard Hanbury takes a look back at Carpenter’s genre defining ‘Halloween’ – Read it here via Perygl Productions! Happy #Halloween!



In 1978 John Carpenter’s Halloween was released and the Slasher genre as we now know it was created.  Many scholars credit Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho as being the first entry in to the subgenre. Norman Bates knife wielding madman laid the foundations and then came The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, taking the backwoods killer and dropping some ill fated young people into the mix. In between, the Italian Giallo thrillers clearly had some influence. A set of films that predominantly consist of whodunit mysteries that veer into horror due to the graphic violence depicted in their murder scenes. However these films look more to have had an effect on the plethora of Slashers that followed in the wake of Carpenter’s Classic.

Halloween has an incredibly lean plot, its stripped down to the bare essentials. The film is just as happy to function as a scary theme park attraction as…

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