Dracula: A Retrospective Film Review

#HalloweenWeek retro review from Rich for #PeryglPro, Happy #Halloween!

Dracula 1958 Poster

In what was Hammer’s second foray into pure Horror, ‘Dracula’ or ‘Horror of…’, as it was renamed for the American release, was the first British film to tackle Bram Stoker’s famed novel. After F.W Murnau’s unofficial version Nosferatu and Todd Browning’s Universal feature, Terrence Fisher’s film is widely recognised as the third cinematically significant presentation of the title character. Following the huge success of 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein, Hammer reassembled its key crew members some of which included, director Fisher, writer Jimmy Sangster, composer James Bernard and of course the two men who would become the company’s marquee stars, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Made for a budget of under £82.000, Sangster condensed the story, switched key locations to accommodate the changes and cut out major sequences which were deemed too expensive to shoot. However by scaling down the novel, the film gains a tighter focus on the narrative…

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