From Idea to Production, the Making of Omelette: Part One

‘Omelette’ is a forthcoming comedy film from Perygl Productions. Created by the talented pNut Sammarco, read his blog about the beginning of production here.

From Idea to Production, the Making of Omelette: Part One


A black comedy about Terrance; a man who at the best of times is a pessimist. One Monday morning Terrance awakes to a day of accidents and disasters that quickly escalate. As he confronts different situations he soon becomes furious and annoyed by the people he encounters, making him bitter and resentful. Breaking his tooth while brushing his teeth, his bike refusing to start, missing his dentist appointment, characters laughing at him, friends taunting him… Terrance is ready to blow.

These events are referred to in past tense as he tells a friend about his bad Monday in contemporary time. As he tells the story we transition back and forth to the events from that day. The tale is told as Terrance’s friend Bugsy prepares and cooks an omelette!

The Initial Spark

With an interview looming to go to…

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