ODAS Issue 1: Dead Origin

I love this! My friend’s comic, pure awesome!

ODAS Issue 1: Dead Origin is a new comic from R.E.M.M.C here on Perygl Productions.

ODAS Dead Origins is set in the distant future, A once primitive race accidentally discover an alien technology, origins unknown, possessing the ability to revealing secrets of the lonesome planets that stray in timeless desolation amongst them once a planet of wonder and harmless curiosity. Now nothing but a lost dreary insipid rock amongst other stars that shine; its voyage absent of value or meaning creating the mystery of what happened to the once organic planet.

“06/03/2087: Osiris was divided into one continent, sealed and contained to ensure survival for the remaining civilization. Four years prior to the ’87 outbreak, there was a previous lock down to another part of the country due to an infectious outbreak in 2083. The human population decreased by 87.5%.  Asia and the whole of the South-east continent succumbed to this earlier devastating…

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