‘Fatale Night’ Comic Book

‘Once regarded as one of the lower forms of mass entertainment, comic books are today widely considered to be potentially capable of complex and profound expression as both literary and visual art forms.’
[Duncan, Randy. The Power of Comics: History, Form and Culture. Continuum, 2009]

My intention for my comic book was to create a story and design influenced by film noir. I set out to write what was the simple basics and mechanics of a film noir film that was short enough to encompass in a four page comic and design a cliff-hanger into the narrative so that the reader would ‘come back next week’ in the tradition of all those comic books we all love. I designed the story of a private detective who is contacted by his femme fatale asking to meet. Meanwhile, a crime lord demands his underling goes and takes out this private detective, for reasons unknown…

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About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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