Brighthorse & Darkstar in The Dawn of the Slugmaster

A comic I created earlier this year!


Brighthorse and Darkstar; two private detectives with a taste for trouble and an appetite for disruption. Created by Greg Fisher the idea for the comic duo was originally envisaged as a short webisode series in which we would see the two hapless heroes pitted against colourful villains and impossible odds. The underlying themes were nostalgia and comedy. “I wanted to create something that was like a hybrid of Batman and Robin meets Starsky and Hutch.

Having produced this short film for a second year project in University, the format was changed and brought back to its roots for a third year project which involved the creation of a comic. “The principles are the same between a film and a comic, except that the comic does not require taking much further than the storyboard…it is the storyboard! It just has to be more detailed and elaborate. Sequential art links any…

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Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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