The Adventures of R.O.B.O.T. (USB)

May I humbly present, les adventures de R.O.B.O.T.

Because even USB devices need a little Rn’R!

Snail Mail

When I’m not BUS-y storing and migrating digital data, I like to catch up on a little correspondence

Microwave Robot

If it’s chilly, I just jump into the microwave and warm up the circuits with a few hundred watts of warmth!

Use the force!

Sometimes I feel like I could take on the whole Empire by myself!

Power hungry

When I’m out and about, I need a little boost from time to time.

Light fixture

Up, up and away!

Starry Night Lover

I enjoy culture and often visit the galleries. Van Gogh is my favourite painter.


Where did you last see your Motherboard?


Whenever I get the chance, I love to escape to the great outdoors. A spot of rock climbing really gets the megabytes pumping.

Cave dweller

I also love to explore caves and underground tunnels.


Once I got snared by a huge wooden giant. I re-installed his PC for him and he let me go, eventually.


I love to relax and listen to my favourite jazz records. Vinyl sounds so much better than mp3.

Happy snapper

I enjoy photography, here’s a little self-portrait I captured. Very post-modern.

Grand stand

I have perfect pitch and this has helped to find employment as a piano tuner.

Spin dry

Now and again I go for a spin.


I keep my pad nice and cool with lots of light. I got the fan from ikea….if you were wondering.


On a hot day I just chill-out in the fridge. Oh no, I forgot to get more beer!

Don't look down

As you can see, I live life on the edge!

Shadowy figure

It does get lonely, just me and my shadow. One of these days I hope to find a Mrs. R.O.B.O.T (USB) and settle down…have a few gigabytes…grow obsolete together.


Poor R.O.B.O.T.

Oh well, c’est la vie!

Stay tuned for more adventures from our little red hero, coming soon!

About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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