Panoramic Shots and Object Movies

DMiP – Panoramic Photography and 3D Object Movies in VR Worx

Using the correct apparatus, you can easily create a fantastic panoramic shot, or go even further and create a 360 degree, 3D Object movie. To create a panoramic shot or an interactive panoramic movie, the camera must pivot on a level axis, to create the Object movie, the object must pivot on its own level axis. For these tasks, one will need…

  • A decent camera
  • A tripod
  • A panoramic tripod head
  • A rotator unit
  • Photoshop CS3/4/5
  • VR Worx

Panoramic Shot

Panoramic Tripod Head

A panoramic tripod head, essential for good panoramic photographs.

To create a panoramic, you will ideally need to use a panoramic tripod head like the example shown in the picture (left). This device enables you to fix the camera into a position an alter that position by incremental degrees. You can then take several shots until you have captured all 360 degrees of your scene. For example, if you altered the position of the panoramic head by 10 degrees for each shot, you would take 36 individual photos to capture the entire panoramic scene. Make sure your tripod is set up on level ground, otherwise your shots will be uneven. I don’t have any of this equipment, all I do have is a fairly decent point and click digital camera and Photoshop CS3 on my PC at home.

However, despite this, I managed to get a fairly decent panoramic of the River Wye, by sitting on a rock in the middle of the river and pivoting myself round carefully. After taking about ten shots, I was able to process the photographs later on in Photoshop using the Photomerge option. This can be found under File>Automate>Photomerge. Once selected, this dialogue box will appear…

Photomerge Dialogue BoxI selected the Reposition Only option on the left-hand side and then used the Browse button to select my photographs from the drive. Once this was completed, I simply pressed ok and Photoshop began to busily work away at merging the photographs into one huge panoramic that looks like this….

This is a true testament to the sheer power of Adobe’s Photoshop platform. My images were uneven and by no means as perfect as they would’ve been if I’d had access to the equipment mentioned above. However, Photoshop is smart enough to knit the photos together to create a fantastic panoramic shot. All I had to do was crop the image at the top and bottom by a small amount.

You can also create an interactive panoramic movie with the program VR Worx. When launching the program, select Panoramic…

Dialogue Box VR WorxYou will then be presented with this screen….

VR Worx Panoramic ControlsI set the maximum number of frames to 10 as I only had ten images from my panoramic. Selecting the Acquire tab presents you with this next screen…

AcquireMenuBy selecting Multiple in the bottom right-hand of the left-hand panel, I was able to navigate to my images…

VR Worx Image Navigator

I can now add the ten photos I have taken and press select. The program will now return you to the Acquire tab,but this time your pictures will be selected within the panorama attributes….

VR WorxThe next step is to press the Stitch tab revealing this display…

Stitch Tab VR WorxNow your images are selected for your panorama, you must stitch them together and blend them so that the transitions from one photo to another are as seemless as possible. This is the hard part and depends heavily on the quality of your original photography. The more photographs you have taken, the better chance you will have at knitting them together seamlessly.

Blend Tab VR WorxAfter blending your photos in the Blend tab and identifying and eliminating any hot spots in the Hot Spots tab, you will be able to set the Compression, Dicing and Composition Presets in the Compose tab. Once you are happy with your panorama, you can take a look at it in the Preview tab, this enables you to back track and make any adjustments you may wish to…

VR Worx Preview TabAs I have said, my photographs were to erratically shot and there were too few of them to create a really effective panoramic movie without tweaking the options for hours to get a satisfactory result. Instead I will show you this example we were given, which I have uploaded to You Tube. It is not interactive but gives you the impression of how these interactive panoramas work.

Unfortunately, when uploaded to You Tube, this panorama is displayed at the wrong aspect ratio and is also displayed horizontally rather than vertically. However, you can view it here, to see it in all it’s glory.

Object Movie

Platter Rotator Unit

A rotator unit like this one should be used to photograph an object.

To effectively create an Object movie, you must photograph an object. This object must also be shot in increments to capture all 360 degrees. By using a Rotating Platter unit like the one pictured here (right), you can set the camera up and alter the increments on the rotating unit to capture the object entirely. Once you have your photographs, you can open VR Worx again and begin to create a 3D Object movie.

Creating an Object movie in VR Worx is a fairly similar process. Instead of selecting Panorama from the initial dialogue box, you should select Object. This will present the following dialogue box…

VR Worx Object MenuOnce you have set the particulars such as Columns (36 frames – 10 degree increments), you can select the acquire tab which gives you the opportunity to select your images, much like the process involved in making an interactive panorama…

Picture Selection

Once the images have been added, we can again press Select to integrate the photos….

Acquire Tab

Not wishing to add any effects or having to deal with any hotspots, I now jumped straight to the compose tab….

Compose Tab

After setting the frame size to 600 x 800, I now pressed the Build button on the left to construct the Object movie. Again, you can preview your movie in the Preview tab…

Preview Tab

The Object movie can now be exported as a .mov file. I uploaded this one to You Tube once again to give you an idea of how it looks…

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