How to give your photos that deathly pallor…

DMiP – The Dragan Effect a.k.a. The Dave Hill Effect

Our lecturer challenged us all, himself included to find out how to produce a Dave Hill or Daragn effect on a digital photograph. Here is an example of a photograph I found on the internet that has the Dragan effect applied to it.


Reach for the sky, you no-good, yella-bellied bandits!

We were shown this video to give us a clear idea of what the Dragan effect is and looks like…

So how does one achieve this effect? Well, I imagine our old friend Photoshop CS3 will be able to help out.

By searching You Tube, we came across this very helpful video that talks you through the process of creating this very cool effect!

The process is actually quite simple to remember once practised a few times. Here are some examples of my own work to which I have applied this effect:


Course-mate Oli, gets the Dave Hill treatment.




Birthday fallout in Dragan-vision



The mad jester!



The before and after shots.


Kinda makes you look ill doesn’t it!?

Well, if you fancy applying that cadaver-chic to any of your portraits, then that’s how for now folks!

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