Struggling With Footage!

DVP Week 4

In the fourth session we had to upload our footage from last weeks ‘cup of tea’ film and edit it in ‘Final Cut Pro’. This was not an easy task as we are a large group; none of us knew how to use this sophisticated program beyond opening it.

On top of this we had to load our clips as individual sequences, as opposed to loading all the footage in its entirety in one huge clip. This process is time-consuming. We had to refer to our ‘Rushes log’ in which we had noted the time code point for each shot.

The idea is to process a ‘batch’ of clips on to ‘Final Cut Pro’ and therefore retain a lighter file size as individual clips rather than one huge file. However, our camera was not set up correctly when we started filming and our time code was completely out of sync with the footage. This caused us no end of difficulties when attempting to upload the footage,
something we finally managed to do with the kind help of Richard Beecher; a legend!

The result of all the long hours of uploading and editing eventually paid off and the lessons learned by our mistakes are undeniably invaluable. Please take a look at the footage in the You Tube video below, to see a first draft edit of the footage. I feel it could do with some non-diegetic music playing to make it a little less boring. However I do feel we managed to cover the topic (the process of making a cup of tea) and included enough differently styled shots, which when combined, made it an easy to follow narrative.

About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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