Pitching a Five Minute Film

DVP Week 5

This week was the nerve-wracking ‘pitch’! We all had to present an idea to the group for a five-minute film of our choosing.

I chose to pitch the idea of making a music video for one of my own songs, ‘Twm Sion Cati Blues’. I was inspired by the Tom Waits video for his song ‘Hold On’ which was directed by Matt Mahurin (known as the artist who infamously doctored a photo of O. J. Simpson for the cover of time magazine). I like the sepia effect and imagery of Tom Waits playing his guitar under the shade of the old tree and I also like the way the video tells a simple narrative through the use of close up shots. Although I did not have time in my pitch to include this video, I shall include it here for your review.

After photographing several local locations, I put together a power point presentation to aid my pitch and give an impression of what I would like to achieve with my film and how it is inspired by the aesthetic of the Tom Waits video. Here is my presentation…


Twm Sion Cati, also known in his time as Tom Jones (“It’s not unusual” in these here parts!) was a folklore character often referred to as the Welsh Robin Hood. Born in Tregaron, which is only a few miles from our University, I felt that this idea was the perfect opportunity to promote a local legend as well as indulge my own musical interests.

I wrote the song about a year ago and it is inspired by the thought of this Welsh outlaw, but not directly about his life and times.

I felt my pitch went well enough. It was of course, a little nerve-wracking, but it lasted only two minutes and the panic disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

It was a good experience to practise ‘pitching’ an idea, as it is expected of all prospective film makers within the industry.

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Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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