Health and Safety

DVP Week 6

Our mission: to perform a health & safety reconnoitre of the library, in light of shooting a ‘romantic scene’ in a suitable location therein.

Our team ventured over to the Trinity St. David’s Lampeter campus library, armed with a Casio EX-Z35 digi camera and a checklist of things to assess from a health & safety point of view. These included; access to the location, confined spaces, electricity and fire hazards, lighting and many more!

Although it is a fairly laborious process, it is an essential one. If you are planning to make a film, these aspects must always be considered and addressed where necessary, to ensure the safety of the entire project crew.

We took photos and ended our session with a meeting to pool ideas and make suggestions for inclusion in our ‘Health & Safety’ presentation, which we would make the following morning. Our team did a PowerPoint presentation which you can see here…


We were first against the wall in the morning and I believe we all rose to the challenge and took onboard the importance of this aspect of film making, at the same time as having fun and being creative with our task.

About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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