Cuppa Tea!

DVP Week 3

In the third DVP session, we looked at planning and storyboards. We were firstly asked to think about all the different steps of making a cup of tea, e.g.

1.) Enter the kitchen
2.) Fill the kettle
3.) Turn the kettle on, etc.

We noted down as many actions as we could think of on post-it notes and then discussed our ideas.

Next we were given a template of a sequence planner, wherein we could plan all the shots required to film a short sequence in which someone makes a cup of tea. The template included a sketch-box for a rough impression of the planned shot as well as space for noting such things as sequence number, estimated time of shot and other details that must be considered in pre-production.

After breaking down our sequence into 22 shots, we were then sent in groups of three to the media centre, to acquire a camera and tripod with which to film the sequence we had just planned.

Now supplied with a ‘Rushes Log’ template and instruction on how to fill one in, we chose a suitable kitchen and set about filming our various planned shots.

We shot the film in sequence order and were happy that we managed to get the footage that we had previously planned. The ‘shoot’ took about an hour in which we shot about 6 minutes of footage. We tried to include as many differently angled shots as possible to make the mise en scene of the film a little more interesting. It is after all, only a simple film about making a cup of tea.

The next process is to transfer the footage onto the computers and edit the footage in ‘Final Cut Pro’.

Cup of Tea

Not a still from our film, although I wish it was!

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Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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