The Blog!

In the module Digital Media in Practice (DMiP) we were instructed to create a WordPress blog. I have had experience of WordPress previously but as a reader not a blogger.

I enjoy the user interface and we have been shown how to use all the back-end options to get the best out of our creativity and blogging experience.

Our charge is to keep a record of what we have been doing in each module of the course and use the techniques we have been taught in other modules, to enhance our blogs. I have found that the work covered in Creative Computing has been very beneficial thus far, to the process of graphically designing a theme for my blog, which I have called ‘Roulette Revolver’.

I have had prior experience of working in IT and have the benefit of being vaguely familiar with these kinds of content management systems. I like the WordPress system and feel that the blog is a brilliant way to record our experiences and thoughts whilst studying Film & Media.

I liked this thread from another WordPress blog that you may like to read if you are thinking of starting your own blog… click here

So far we have been shown how to change the look of our blogs by changing the background colours or images, how to change the banner or set an individual page banner (something I have enjoyed doing for each module category in Photoshop CS3).

We have also been encouraged to add images, hyperlinks and videos to our posts as well as handy widgets like a Facebook page badge which links directly to your profile.
Another handy feature that has been brought to our attention is the Edit Publishing Time option in which you can set a certain post to publish at any given date or time.

All in all, the WordPress experience is one I’d recommend to anyone who has a penchant for writing, sharing resources, has art to display or maybe just wants a decent online portfolio. It’s user-friendly, adaptable enough to mould into your own style and it’s fun! Although I do have to entertain the possibility, that in light of that last comment, I might just be a geek!

About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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2 Responses to The Blog!

  1. C & R says:

    Nice link there Greg. Good find. I think I may get everybody to read that.

    You don’t mind me doing that do you?


  2. C & R says:

    Awesome Banner too

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