Our First Footage – “ACTION!”

DVP Week 2


Lesson 2 in DVP was a ball! Whisked straight over to the Media Centre, we were quickly split into groups of four and armed with a camera and a tripod before being sent off with the simple instruction; “Go out onto campus and shoot two minutes of footage.” … Nice!

Our group decided to film a sequence following someone entering the Old Building, walking through it, bumping into the same people and finally meeting up with them. It was a little bizarre and none of us knew each other. This being said, I was lucky to work with the people who I did, as they were all up for the challenge and got behind the idea 100%.

The result was ok in my humble opinion. It was a bit rushed as we had 45 mins to shoot two minutes of footage. Sounds easy and maybe it was for others, but we went over the 45 minute mark and only just squeezed the two minutes onto tape. We had to shoot whatever we did in sequence as we would not be editing them in Final Cut this time. We thought that our sequences would be better rehearsed once or twice before shouting “Action!” and rolling. I feel this was beneficial to us in this instance but I can imagine it’s not common practice to rehearse a scene on the day of filming. This would be done beforehand, our little production did not have this luxury though. Some of our cuts were a bit hasty although we did bag some nice high angle shots and it was fairly coherent in its narrative.

Most importantly, I think we had fun and all learned some valuable lessons, albeit basic ones, by going out on the wing and shooting the first thing we could think of. Hoorah and tallyhoe for improvisation! I would like to get hold of a copy of this footage to post herein, if indeed they are still stored somewhere on the mighty server. For posterity’s sake, one shall find out!

I have also been enjoying watching other short films by amateur film makers on the BBC website. These links were kindly provided to us on our Course Outline sheets. There’s also a useful link to the Writers Room here. Of interest to any aspiring and creative writers!

This amateur film I found on You Tube, is one of the most impressive I’ve seen, probably more for the skills of the stars than anything, but still it’s a cool little poroduction with some tidy shots and they’ve had over a million hits. Nice!

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Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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