Featured Image in a blog

I have created a featured image for the header on this post which shows an image of Jack Nicholson in  Stanley Kubrick’s masterful film; ‘The Shining’.

For Digital Media in Practice, we were asked to make use of the famed image of Jack poking his face through a freshly hacked-up bathroom door (“Here’s Johnny!” anyone?), to create a page banner. The original image dimensions are 400 x 593px. The banner image dimensions are 940 x 198px.

I decided to use the image twice in the banner, one of them being horizontally flipped and nudged to the right. As the film reveals to us a character that is a balanced and calm individual in the outset, who later becomes a crazed maniac who tries to murder his wife and child, I thought I’d use this duality of Jack’s character as my inspiration.
I also added a black background on which I added text to give the piece a title of sorts.

Simple, but it works!


About Roulette Revolver

Currently a first year undergraduate in Film & Media Studies.
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One Response to Featured Image in a blog

  1. C & R says:

    Nice one. As you say simple but effective in context.

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